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  • Immigration issue advisory

New Issue Advisory about Immigration, FREE Materials Offer - "Coming to America: Who Should We Welcome, What Should We Do?"

This new issue advisory, titled Coming to America: Who Should We Welcome, Who Should We Help? is available as a FREE downloadable pdf. An accompanying post-forum questionnaire is also available to download. In a few weeks, there will be a longer issue guide version on this same topic, followed by a companion starter video giving an overiview of the issue and the three possible options to deliberate about.

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  • Cristin Brawner
  • Nancy Kranich
  • Charles Moses
  • Jule Zimet

National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) Elects Four Directors

At the December 4, 2017 meeting in Dayton, Ohio, the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) elected four new board members who will begin their three-year terms at the next meeting in May, 2018. The new members are Cristin Brawner, Nancy Kranich, Charles Moses, and Jule Zimet. Outgoing members are Jerry Brown, William DiMascio, Dolores Foley, and Stacie Molnar-Main.

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