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Read the USA TODAY Article - Americans see our angry political debate as 'a big problem'

In a December 5, 2019 USA TODAY article titled  Americans see our angry political debate as 'a big problem,'  Susan Page describes evidence that Americans are increasingly frustrated and unhappy about the atmosphere of divisiveness in the country and that they yearn for a move toward something more constructive.

Page describes the launch of the Hidden Common Ground initiative as an election year project and writes:

The Hidden Common Ground initiative will explore areas of agreement on major issues facing the nation and also spotlight how local communities have worked across divisions to solve problems.

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Read the USA TODAY Opinion Piece by Nicole Carroll, The Backstory: America is divided, causing anxiety and gridlock. How USA TODAY will help.

Read the December 5, 2019 opinion piece by USA TODAY editor-in-chief Nicole Carroll titled The Backstory: America is divided, causing anxiety and gridlock. How USA TODAY will help.

In the piece, Carroll describes the parts of the initiative itself and also the motivations and hopes behind the Common Ground for Action initiative including:

Friedman approached USA TODAY with a proposal: What if we joined forces to show the true America? To find out where we agree more than disagree. To provide tools to help us talk. To reach the "exhausted middle of the electorate."

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