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  • David Mathews

A Message from David Mathews

The following is from David Mathews, Chair of the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI).

TO:            The NIFI Board Members and the NIF Network

FROM:       David Mathews, Chair of the National Issues Forums Institute

DATE:        February 26, 2020

RE:            Forums in prisons

Below is a link to another Maura Casey interview. It is about forums in an unlikely place, prisons. Bill DiMascio has reported similar results from prisons in Pennsylvania.

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  • Public Agenda

USA TODAY Article - New Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos Survey Finds Republicans and Democrats Largely Agree on Some Things about Climate Change

A January 24, 2020 USA TODAY article, Republican and Democratic voters actually agree on many climate change fixes. So why no action? by Elizabeth Weise, describes the results of a January 10-13, 2020 opt-in poll of 1,006 adults in which they were asked about climate change and whether they would support a variety of possible solutions.

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  • Health care cover

New Issue Guide Available (FREE to download) - "Health Care: How Can We Bring Costs Down While Getting the Care We Need?"

This newly-updated issue guide about health care costs is available as a FREE, downloadable pdf. The 28-page issue guide presents three options for deliberation. A 4-minute overview video is also available to stream online at no cost. Post-forum questionnaires can be downloaded for forum participants to complete for return to be included in research and reporting.

Click here to view and download the issue materials.

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