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New Issue Guide Available (FREE to download) - "Health Care: How Can We Bring Costs Down While Getting the Care We Need?"

This newly-updated issue guide about health care costs is available as a FREE, downloadable pdf. The 28-page issue guide presents three options for deliberation. A 4-minute overview video is also available to stream online at no cost. Post-forum questionnaires can be downloaded for forum participants to complete for return to be included in research and reporting.

Click here to view and download the issue materials.

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Get Involved - The Hidden Common Ground Project

The Hidden Common Ground project began in December 2019 and will last through the 2020 elections. The project will focus on some of the issues that Americans across the political spectrum care deeply about. You can read more details about the Hidden Common Ground project here.

The public issues that the project will focus on include:

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Read the December 18, 2019 USA TODAY Op-Ed by David Mathews and William V. Muse

In a December 18, 2019 USA TODAY op-ed piece titled Americans still work together, despite political rancor, to resolve public challenges, contributors David Mathews and William V. Muse describe some efforts by members of the public who are using deliberative public forums, and National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) issue guides, to work together on difficult public problems.

From the op-ed:

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January 9, 2020, Join a Conference Call about the Health Care Issue Advisory and New (coming soon) Issue Guide

On January 9 at 2:30 p.m., Jean Johnson, vice president of National Issues Forums Institute, and Brad Rourke, editor of issue guides for the Kettering Foundation, will do a conference call walk-through of the new (available soon) National Issues Forums (NIF) issue guide, Health Care: How Can We Bring Costs Down While Getting the Care We Need? They will discuss the options and trade-offs outlined in the guide and some of the tensions within t

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