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  • We The Voters

Fun, Engaging Videos about Issues and Civic Engagement - "We The Voters" project

The We The Voters project website contains issue and topic-specific short, fun videos; lessons plans (in partnership with PBS); advice about hosting an event or debate; and much more. The videos may be useful for classroom teachers and professors, but people of all ages will enjoy and learn from these dynamic, informative videos.

Watch this trailer about the We the Voters project and videos:

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  • Gregg Kaufman
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From Gregg Kaufman - Sharing Forum Results with Participants

National Issues Forums (NIF) moderators have many ways of keeping in touch with the citizens who take part in their forums. Here is Gregg Kaufman's letter to North Florida citizens who attended St. John's Cathedral August, 2016 forum on The Political Fix: How Do We Get American Politics Back on Track?


Dear Fourm Friends,

Political Fix: How Do We Get American Politics Back on Track?

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  • Advise the President

"Advise the President" Issue Guide Series Available from the U.S. National Archives

Five issue discussion booklets in the Advise the President series are now available as free pdf downloads from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. The five titles include: Harry S. Truman: What Should the United States do About the Emerging Threat Posed by the Soviet Union?; Dwight D. Eisenhower: How Should the United States Confront Communist Expansion?; Gerald R.

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