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  • Kim and Frank Spillers

From Frank and Kimberlee Spillers - A Community Conversations Project in Iowa

The following announcement is from Kimberlee Spillers.

The first in a series of six community conversations, a small group met last week to view the movie and discuss “Tickling Giants,” a documentary of the Arab Spring Uprising.

Led by Frank and Kimberlee Spillers, these topics will be held Mondays, Atlantic Public Library, 507 Poplar, Atlantic, Iowa, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. 

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  • Safety and Justice issue guide

From Thea Nietfeld - Trying Out Deliberation - Next Steps

In the following article, Thea Nietfeld, of Newton, Kansas, describes how a small group of friends tried out deliberation, and how they are planning to use it next.

In January, Kansas Peoples’ Agenda called progressives to the state capitol to put the peoples’ needs into Kansas’ policies and budget. Four women from Newton met there and began having lunch regularly to talk about local and national politics.

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