A Report from Forums - "Health Care 2020: How Can We Bring Costs Down While Getting the Care We Need?"

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Published in 2020, this 7-page report summarizes what was heard in forums about health care costs that were convened between January and June 2020 by the nonpartisan network of the National Issues forums (NIF). During the period over which the forums were held, convening happened in three ways: in-person forums held in a variety of communities around the country; online forums using Zoom or other videoconferencing platforms; and the text-based online deliberation platform Common Ground for Action (CGA).

The report describes five main insights that emerged during the forums:

  1. An underlying stability in attitudes
  2. Concern for themselves and compassion for others
  3. A complex tragedy with no clear villains
  4. Pragmatism and an aversion to radical changes
  5. A different conversation

Click here for a link to download the full report.