Issue Guide - "Free Speech and the Inclusive Campus: How Do We Foster the Campus Community We Want?"

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This issue guide was prepared by NASPA (historically, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators), Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, in collaboration with the Kettering Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, research institute that studies the public's role in democracy. 

This issue guide presents three options for deliberation:

Option 1: Prioritize student safety and well-being

This position asserts campuses are responsible first and foremost for protecting student safety and well-being.

Options 2: Affirm the educational value of intellectual curiousity and engaging with ideas across difference.

This position asserts the primary role of higher education is to stimulate intellectual curiousity and build students' capacity and skills to engage meaningfully in conversations across difference.

Option 3: Uphold the ideals of free speech.

This position asserts institutions should welcome free speech in all its forms, as the university was created to be a marketplace of ideas.

Click here for a link to download the issue guide.