Tips and Resources - Moving Face-to-Face Deliberation Online

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In response to setting new directions for in-person forums during our current climate, several National Issues Forums (NIF) partners have successfully convened virtual face-to-face forums using the Zoom platform.  We are happy to be able to share their experiences and some materials and tips about convening a deliberative face-to-face online forum using a platform like Zoom.

The available resources include a May 11, 2020 webinar to share some suggestions and materials that conveners and moderators may find helpful in planning and holding an online forum. The webinar presenters include individuals from the National Issues Forums Institute, the Kettering Foundation, and the national network of NIF conveners.

Click here or on the links below for some resources about convening and moderating face-to-face online forums including:

Watch a 19-minute video - Zoom features to support small group facilitated discussions

Watch a 16-minute video - Facilitating Online Deliberative Discussions on Zoom

For more information contact Darla Minnich at

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