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  • cover of 2015 Alabama Civic Health Index

Read - The 2015 Alabama Civic Health Index (David Mathews Center for Civic Life)

The 2015 Alabama Civic Health Index is now available to read online. The Index is a report about the status of three key indicators in a region or state; political action, social connectedness, and public work. The indicators are defined as follows:

Political action - composed of voting, discussing politics with family and friends, contacting public officials, expressing a public opinion online, and buying or boycotting products

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  • Health Care issue guide cover

Available to Help Citizens Talk about Healthcare Costs - "Health Care: How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?"

Costs versus services, access and personal choices – these issues are at the heart of the national healthcare debate. The National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) works to stimulate discussion on issues of national importance and just released its latest issue guide: Health Care – How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?

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Attend an In-Person Workshop about Using the New Online Deliberation Tool, "Common Ground for Action"

We need some way to be able to take National Issues Forums online.

NIF moderators and conveners have been telling us this for years.

Well, we heard you.

NIFI and Kettering Foundation have been collaborating with a working group of NIF members for over two years on an online version of the NIF forums we all know and love. It’s called Common Ground for Action, and it’s now available to all NIF moderators to use anytime.

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  • Text, Talk, Act

April 14 and May 7, 2015, Join Two National Dialogues Using Text Messaging, "Text, Talk, Act"

The National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona has announced two upcoming national dialogues using the text messaging project called Text, Talk, Act. In addition to the April 14, and May 7th event dates, anyone can participate anytime during April and May by texting START to 89800 (7785881995 in Canada). Click here to learn more about Text, Talk, Act.

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  • David Mathews Center for Civic Life

The David Mathews Center for Civic Life (Alabama) Seeks Executive Director

Position Announcement for Executive Director at the David Mathews Center for Civic Life. The David Mathews Center for Civic Life (DMC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization located in Montevallo, Alabama, on the campus of American Village. DMC assists communities, groups, and citizens across the state to make more effective and productive decisions through the use of dialogue and deliberation.

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  • Iowa Writing Project

"Teaching Deliberatively" - Sixth Annual Workshop, July 13-17, 2015, Des Moines, Iowa

Many believe public schools should teach students to weigh the costs and consequences of a range of "perspectives" (actions) that might be chosen – maybe in instances of provocation or over tough issues. Teachers and administrators can “lead” by demonstrating a preference for dialogue. Kids can learn to engage in substantive “talk” when schools make dialogue and deliberation a part of a school or classroom.  This workshop teaches how to do that. To view the schedule, see the workshop website at:

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