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Taylor L. Willingham Legacy Fund Grants Available

Application deadline December 31, 2014

Download the Application PDF

Applications are currently being accepted for grants from the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) to help individuals develop an understanding of deliberative democracy and launch one or more deliberative forums in their communities or organizations. Grants are expected to be in the range of $500-1,000.

Click here for more information about Taylor L. Willingham and her work.

Donations to the fund are welcome and can be made securely online. All donated money will go toward grant awards.



Folorunsho Moshood's picture

We appreciate this kind gesture. But let practitioners in the developing world also benefit. The task should not be allowed to cripple the dream. All the best.


P Dineen's picture

I think consideration of applications from anywhere in the world is a very worthwhile idea.

National Forum on Civil Society

Gale Mohammed-Oxley's picture

I am a member of the Civil Society Organisation Network in Trinidad and Tobago. I have been mobilising organisations to form networks and to draw together independently for the purpose of discussing national issues. In Trinidad and Tobago political parties get the upper hand on influence within civil society organisations because there is no real mobilising administrative body.
I recently posted the issue of separation of powers within the area of civil society and will like to host a national forum for this purpose.
I do not know if your group will assist in this activity by giving us a grant to assist in its success.

I am currently doing a piece

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I am currently doing a piece of research on the role of National Conversation Forums to develop critical speaking skills of EFL student teachers. By the way, I have been getting much benefit from the issues raised in different issues of NIFI. Hopefully, my research could affect my EFL student teachers in resolving their conflicting perspectives and opposing ideologies resulting in national stability in Egypt. A lot of thanks to you all who have been helping me to initiate democratic dialog in the Egyptian university,and to enhance deliberative pedagogy nationwide. I should be grateful if you would provide me with some material on using deliberative pedagogy. I wish all the best.