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Why Does The World Hate The USA?

Colston Warne 8/19/2006 3:21

12/17/2013 15:36 johndoe redtruckjm@outlook.com

we need plan b. Stop our greedy government. they don't invade to help they invade to take. just like our taxes, we pay them millions and millions every year, why  so they can ride in jets ,drop millions of gallons gas on us, and then say our lawnmowers are bad on ozone. So they can party like rock-stars , IF they would only do the government people like they do the taxpayers and drug-test them. law makers make laws to help people of wealth.  teenager of wealth KILLS four slap on hand ,average taxpayer [ LIFE]. teacher  rapes, gets a day, taxpayer [death]. AND YOU REALLY WONDER WHY OTHER COUNTRIES DON,T WANT JOIN US.  the countries that have join us, they don't  have  televisions or internet. SO THANK GOD FOR CHINA AND PEOPLE SNOWDEN maybe the rest of world will wakeup and see what our ,THE GOVERMENT IS REALLY ABOUT? if they ,the countries don't share or give the government will invade.