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Why do you think teens smoke weed?

[QUOTE=camz][QUOTE=dalton]I'm only 11 I smoke weed sometimes it's because I'm curious I love getting high I smoke wid my14 year old friends [/QUOTE] coludnt agrre more[/QUOTE]
you should not be smoking at 11! like do something 11 year olds do. not smoke weed

! [mad][nono][tounge2] 

  Similar to you, I find that

  Similar to you, I find that the reasons for avoiding marijuana use in teens are unclear and usually lack evidence. While there are actual health concerns that should persuade the majority of the healthy population to avoid marijuana use, these reasons are taken with skepticism due to the American government's history of demonizing marijuana. What are the other origins for the skepticism of teens to negative side effects of marijuana?