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Hello everyone,

When it comes to answering such a deep question, there are various factors that could be viewed in a sense that shows the challenges that the planet faces. There are different ways that can help solve the issue of global warming, this can be seen by the inclusion of different organizations that are included by trying to solve this problem. Many have different approaches in trying to solve a situation like this in the sense that has the public doing simple things to show a bigger outcome when it comes to viewing the situation in the long run. The small things tend to include (recycling, cleaning public spaces, using paper materials instead of plastic, and etc), but when it comes to looking at the issue in a bigger perspective, the main big issues include; Carbon emissions, acceleration innovation, protecting communities from the effects of wastes. Wastes and production tend to increase the gases in the atmosphere. The greenhouses gases are getting overwhelmed creating oceans and soils to be affected and different events to take place like natural disasters. Stoping countries like China and the USA from burning wastes and fossil fuels, because that tends to be one of the main causes of the effects and challenges faced when it comes to global warming. For example, China produces a lot of toxic wastes that have a big role in the environment, which are one of the most impactful wastes on this planet. So, when it comes to trying to persuade the public on the big issue and the challenges that are being faced, trying to make them understand the effects that global warming has on their lives and loved ones, can help persuade them to prevent creating wastes and help stop big organizations and countries that do not meet public regulations on keeping the planet safe.