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  • John Theis

Read a February 12, 2019 Article about John Theis and His Community Engagement Work in Texas

In an article published February 12, 2019 by The Tribune, Lone Star College professor, John Theis talks about his work promoting public engagement on difficult issues and his experience in moderating forums using National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) materials. Theis also describes some of his plans for upcoming forums that will focus on several current issues including national security and divisiveness in politics.

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  • Keeping America Safe

New Issue Guide - "Keeping America Safe: What is Our Greatest Threat? How Should We Respond?"

This 23-page issue guide offers a framework for deliberating over the priorities that should inform our nation’s role on the world’s stage. It presents three different options for moving forward—each based on a different way of looking at our greatest threats and each involving a different set of prescriptions for what should be done. Most important, each option has significant downsides and drawbacks.

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