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You're Invited - Join the National Issues Forums (NIF) Facebook Group

Convening and moderating deliberative forums about public issues is important and valuable work. We want to help people doing this work around the country to connect with others who are also helping their communities talk about difficult issues.

Whether you are new to public deliberation, an experienced veteran, or anything in between, you are invited to join the NIF Facebook Group to find out what others are doing; share what you're learning; ask questions; and much more.

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Read the Report about Forums on Immigration - "Beyond the Clash: How a Deliberative Public Talks about Immigration"

This newly-released 22-page report titled Beyond the Clash: How a Deliberative Public Talks about Immigration describes some of the outcomes from 86 nonpartisan public forums that were held in 28 states during 2018. In those forums, participants used the issue guide Coming to America: Who Should We Welcome, What Should We Do?

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