National Week of Conversation | Forum on Voting and Elections (on CGA)

Apr 25
Apr 25 2022, 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Darla Minnich

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Common Ground for Action Forum - Open (online forum)

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During National Week of Conversation, join a National Issues Forum on voting and elections on the Common Ground for Action (CGA) text-based platform

Elections: How Should We Encourage and Safeguard Voting?

Many Americans are concerned about the US election system although we don't always agree on the main problem or how best to fix it.

  • What should we do so people can vote with confidence and trust that the outcomes accurately represent the will of the people?
  • How should we safeguard and improve elections?

During the forums, participants will discuss perspectives and experiences as they weigh the pros and cons of various approaches to the issue and gain important insights from other participants in a civil and productive atmosphere.


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