The Future of Work

How Should We Prepare for the New Economy?

The nature of the work we do has changed in ways that few Americans a generation ago could have imagined, and it will undoubtedly be dramatically different in yet another generation. These changes will bring both opportunities and difficulties...

The stakes are high. Many Americans share concerns about the nation's competitive edge, stagnant wages, and a sense that young people today will be worse off than previous generations.

We have choices to make together in shaping the future of work. Business, government, individuals, and communities all play a role in addressing this issue. This guide presents some of the options we might pursue, along with their drawbacks.

This issue guide presents three options for deliberation:

Free to Succeed

Give individuals and businesses the freedom they need to innovate and succeed

An Equal Chance to Succeed

Make sure all Americans have a chance to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment

Choose the Future We Want

Strategically choose to support promising industries rather than simply hoping that the changes in work and the economy will be beneficial