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Why does Israel have so much influence on politics and policy in America

acentrist 10/20/2013 16:06

10/20/2013 16:06 acentrist sydney0719@hotmail.com

It is shameful on how much Netanyahu is quoted and listened to in America. I understand the Christian right wing desire to help the 'chosen' people and the 3000 year old fairy tale being used to justify the taking of land. I also understand the hatred of Islam by the same Christians, but it does not explain the total disregard for a balanced view and strategy in the middle-east. I also know that the greed of the land developers drive the politics in Israel.

Please refrain from quoting from the bible and calling me names. I am asking a legitimate question. I have served USA for over 30 years in the military so I am a patriot. I am not a muslim or paid writer (as Israel openly admits to using). If one of the paid assassin writer wants to take me on, please don't.  I will expose you. I am also not afraid of the so-called might of the Israeli Mossad. I worked with a lot of them and marketing works on the gullible 70 year-olds who still believe in the fairy tales.

So anyone interested in a centrist dialog?