"Where Have All the Voters Gone?" - A Discussion Guide from Maricopa Community Colleges Center for Civic Participation and Congressman Ed Pastor Center for Politics and Public Service

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This 6-page issue discussion guide about voter participation was updated in 2015 and is available as a free download. The guide presents three approaches for consideration: Approach 1: Eliminate the Barriers; Approach 2: Increase Election Issue Awareness; Approach 3: Reform the Election Process.

The following is excerpted from the guide's introduction to the issue:

Many Americans express frustration and concern about poor and decreasing voter turnout rates in local and national elections. Discussion about why citizens aren’t voting tends to focus on voter attitudes toward politicians and politics, and on the implicatiosns of a disengaged voting populace for the future of our democracy. 


Given these concerns: 


What, if anything, should be done to increase voter participation?


What are the key elements of a “healthy democracy”?