Verna DeWees Represents National Issues Forums at 15th Annual Seniors EXPO 2016, Texas

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On Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, Verna DeWees represented the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) at the 15th Annual Seniors Expo 2016, Brazos County, at the Brazos County EXPO Complex in Bryan, Texas. DeWees was serving as an NIFI Ambassador to help provide information about NIFI issues materials and promote the convening of deliberative public forums.

DeWees organized and manned a vendor booth displaying NIFI and Kettering Foundation materials and brochures, and sign-up lists for an NIFI forum that she was convening.

She reported that attendance at the Senior Expo 2016 event was over 1500, a new attendance record. DeWees said "This was my first experience in manning a vendor booth at this (or any other) event. And I must say I found it to be an un-ending, surprisingly interesting (very worthwhile) experience."

For more information about participating in the NIFI Ambassadors program, please contact Carol Farquhar Nugent, Bill Muse, or Etana Jacobi.