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US Responsibility

Harvey, Cori  3/20/2014 16:11

3/20/2014 16:11 Harvey, Cori 00020292@richland2.org


            Turning on your TV, it is hard to ignore the issues of the world, commercials displaying children in underdeveloped countries, needing basic things such as food, water and clothing. Some Americans would say it is not our responsibility to aid another country in need. I completely disagree. We as a country once stated ‘All men are created equal’. Meaning we are all the same, no one is better than the other. So why shouldn’t we assist these countries in need? By lending a hand overseas it not only helps them but also the United States and other countries, possibly the world.

            Those opposing the assistance of underprivileged countries have many statements that refute the idea such as ‘America can’t do everything’, ‘It’s not our problem’, ‘we need to take care of ourselves first’ and ‘we could be involved in battles we shouldn’t be’. And while there is some logic in these statements these are not real issues. It is obvious America cannot do everything for every country in need, but we absolutely have more than enough to give. By helping other countries get back on their feet, and build an economy, we are not only aiding them, but the rest of the world can find benefit in economic growth.  Secondly, more often than not, aiding another country in need will not result in a war among others, but create an alliance and build the bond between more countries.

            In conclusion, it is a known fact that every country has its problems with unemployment, hunger and money but at the end of the day we still have over 10 times more than another country. Also, America does not have to be the only country giving back, and often it is not alone, many countries give back every day and every time we are giving back we are bettering the future for the world as a whole not just on one side.