An Updated Issue Advisory - "How Should We Prevent Mass Shootings in Our Communities?"

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An updated version of an issue advisory about preventing mass shootings is now available. Titled, How Should We Prevent Mass Shootings in Our Communities? the 4-page guide is downloadable as a free pdf and presents three options for deliberation.

Click here for info and link to download.

Option One: Reduce the Threat of Mass Shootings

The problem is that we are too vulnerable to violence. Communities and homes shouls be places wehre people are safe. The means for carrying out mass shootings are all around, and those who might perpetrate them are free among us. It is too easy for individuals to obtain weapons that are designed to kill a large number of people in a short time.

We cannot stop all violent impulses, but we can and should make it much more difficult for people to act on them. We need to restrict the availability of dangerous weapons, identify potentially dangerous people, and prevent them from carrying out their plans.

Option Two: Equip People to Defend Themselves

The problem is that most people are unable to defend themselves against sudden danger from violence. There will always be some people who are a threat to those around them. In such situations, we cannot afford to rely on someone else to rescue us. We need to be prepared for violence and have the means to defend against it. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that right.

Option Three: Root Out Violence in Society

The problem is that we live in a culture that perpetuates violence and numbs people to its effects. Violence and criminality are pervasive in popular music, films, television, video games, and sports. Mass murderers gain notoriety through nonstop media portrayals. This results in a culture in which stories of mass shootings circulate and gain momentum, increasing the likelihood of further shootings. We need to root out and stop the glorification of violence to break this cycle.