Special Offer on Newly Released Issue Guide for 2019 - Join the Conversation about "A House Divided: What Would We Have to Give Up to Get the Political System We Want?"

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What Would We Have to Give Up to Get the Political System We Want?

In partnership with the Kettering Foundation, National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) is offering the following to forum conveners:

Digital Versions
The digital version of A House Divided Issue Guide and A House Divided Issue Advisory is available for complimentary download. The Issue Advisory is a shorter version of the Issue Guide and offers the same options and trade-offs for deliberation. Both the issue advisory and the issue guide versions are available here.

Hard Copies
Prefer hard copies for forum participants? NIFI is offering a set of 20 Issue Advisories and 2 Issue Guides for free. 

Starter Video
The 5-minute companion video is a valuable tool since some participants may not have read the issue guide before the forum. The starter video is available for unlimited streaming and downloads.

  • You will need to create a Vimeo account to access the video.
  • Use promo code AHD2019 for free unlimited streaming and downloads.

What NIFI Requests From Conveners and Moderators:

How to Request Hard Copies
To request hard copies, please complete this form
The advisories will be shipped to you from NIFI’s fulfillment house. 

Deliberative Facilitator Cheat Sheet

-Editable cheat sheet for moderators to use during a forum
Questions that Can Support Deliberation
-A series of questions that can help spur deliberation in any forum, sourced from hundreds of pages of training materials from a variety of centers for public life
Fostering Deeper Deliberation
-A brief handout that discusses some of Kettering Foundation’s basic research findings on how to foster deeper deliberation
Nine Key Elements of Deliberative Forums
-A short course in NIF moderating

Download the entire kit in a single PDF here.

Download editable, individual elements of the kit here.

Watch a Webinar about Moderating "A House Divided" presented by Kara Dillard. Kara discusses the three options in depth, outlines questions to ask in the personal stake section as well as in the options sections, and ways to help your participants reflect on this topic. Click here to watch the webinar.

NIFI Event Calendar
Please let us know about your forum and we’ll include it on the NIFI web site in the events section. Please log in at www.nifi.org to submit an event or send your forum details (contact name, email address, date, time, location, city, state, zip code) to info@nifi.org

How will NIFI and the Kettering Foundation use the responses to the post-forum questionnaires and moderator reports?
The Kettering Foundation and their research partners will analyze insights from the forums held nationwide throughout 2019 and prepare a cumulative report. The report will be shared during briefings with elected officials and other policymakers in Washington DC and nationwide, along with highlighting the NIF network's activities to promote deliberation and dialogue on a variety of issues. The report will be available on the NIFI and Kettering Foundation web site in early 2020.

Questions About the Special Offer?
Please contact Darla Minnich at dminnich@nifi.org or 937.439.9834 or info@nifi.org