Seeking Individuals to Present National Issues Forums (NIF) Deliberation at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Programs

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  • Bill Muse
  • Carol Nugent
A message from Bill Muse and Carol Nugent:
The Osher Foundation has funded Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLI) at more than 100 colleges and universities across the country.  They are usually connected to the Continuing Education programs that offer non-credit courses; the OLLI programs provide courses for senior citizens over the age of 50.  They invite volunteers to propose courses that they would teach.   For the past three years, Carol Farquhar Nugent has presented a course of "The Power of Public Deliberation" thru the OLLI program at the University of Dayton each semester.  The class has been filled each time it has been offered and the level of participation has been excellent.  The classes meet for two hours each week for six weeks and each class considers a different NIF issue guide.
If you are at or near a university that has an OLLI program, we would invite you to propose and offer a "Public Deliberation" course.  It would be a great experience for you.  Send us a email ( and we will be available to provide additional information and advice.  Gregg Kaufman, NIFI Director, will be offering a course at the University of North Florida this fall and Kent Friel, an NIFI supporter, will continue to present a course at the University of Cincinnati."


NIF Course

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I would be interested in exploring presenting this course in the Chicago/Metro area. I am aware that there are other trained NIF facilitators at College of DuPage, but this is a very large area with many universities. I am not aware of any that are affiliated with OLLI, but would be interested in knowing if there are. I would very much like to see a syllabus and course outline as well. I have experience in teaching at the community college and university level as adjunct faculty and now, in semi-retirement, am looking for opportunities to use these skills.


OLLI Connections

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Thank you, Carole. I will check to see if the National Resource Center for OLLI programs has a list of those in your area. Bill Muse and I would love to talk with you more about your interests. I'll be back in touch.