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The 2015 Alabama Civic Health Index is now available to read online. The Index is a report about the status of three key indicators in a region or state; political action, social connectedness, and public work. The indicators are defined as follows:

Political action - composed of voting, discussing politics with family and friends, contacting public officials, expressing a public opinion online, and buying or boycotting products

Social connectedness - includes eating dinner with members of one's household, communicating with friends and family, talking with neighbors, doing favors for neighbors, and participating in groups

Public work - composed of attending public meetings and working with neighbors to fix or improve something in the community

As described in the executive summary of the Index:

Examined together, the three indicators illustrate how Alabamians engage in their communities, connect with each other, and work together to solve community problems. Each indicator includes both formal and informal measures of engagement that spotlight Alabama's civic strengths and highlight areas for improvement.

Partners included in the production of the 17-page Index include: the David Mathews Center for Civic Life; the University of Alabama - New College; Auburn University - College of Liberal Arts; and the National Conference on Citizenship. 

The following are some of the findings about civic participation in Alabama in 2013:

National ranking:

28th - Voting (2012 Presidential Election)

35th - Volunteering

49th - Attending public meetings

16th - Charitable giving ($25 or more)

16th - Exchanging favors with neighbors

51st - Working with neighbors to fix something in the community

19th - Discuss politics with friends or family frequently

20th - Voter registration (2012 Presidential Elections)

Findings are primarily based on "an analysis of the US Census Current Population Survey (CPS) data provided by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) at Tufts University."

Click here to read the full 2015 Alabama Civic Health Index.