An Important Update from National Issues Forums Institute

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We're thrilled to update you on the latest at the National Issues Forum Institute (NIFI). As a NIFI Board, we have been meeting more regularly and taking well-needed time to diligently tend to internal demands, reset, and recharge! With another powerful election cycle approaching and the recognition that the challenges facing democracy continue to grow, we are eager to communicate with you more regularly and gather your input as we continue to move forward.

A new day is dawning for NIFI! After a 40 year partnership with the Kettering Foundation, NIFI is emerging as an organization committed to serve the network of civic, educational, and other organizations and individuals. We remain committed to deliberative dialogue with its distinctive approach to addressing local and national issues from multiple perspectives. NIFI will continue to provide trainings, consultation services, and other inspiring activities. We are excited to collect stories from all of you and to assess resources and materials that we can share.

With change in the air, it is natural for different subsets of people and ideas to bubble up. Rest assured that the NIFI Board is solid and strong and with a new team of staff (as you will soon read about!) taking lead, we celebrate this time of growth, connection, and development. As you might guess, with any significant organizational change, we have faced deeply challenging times. In honestly naming and courageously addressing these issues, even in the face of uncertainty, we continue to ‘walk the talk’ of the work that we do and trust that these experiences will catapult us to a place of clarity and impact.

We are well on the way and we are eager to keep connected with you. We have been working on new tools, updating the website, and planning trainings and sessions based on NIFI’s election advisory. We would love to hear your thoughts and advice and remain true to the strong and steady force that NIFI has been and will continue to be. Thanks for being a part of this movement forward. We wish you all the best and please feel free to keep in touch with questions, comments, and/or ideas that you might have.

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