New Issue Framework - Energy Choices: What should we do about America's energy future?

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This issue framework, titled Energy Choices: What should we do about America's energy future? is in a placemat format and is free to download. A companion post-forum questionnaire is also free to download. The following is excerpted fromt the framework:

Concerns over foreign entanglements, terrorism, and carbon pollution from fossil fuels have grown. At the same time, new domestic production from oil, natural gas, and renewable sources has helped America move closer to energy independence. New technologies for power production, storage, vehicle fuels, and energy efficiency are proliferating. The question is how to navigate this changing landscape and arrive at an energy future that supports a thriving economy.

The framework presents three options to consider.

Option 1: Keep America self-reliant and stable

We should use our own abundant natural resources to produce all the energy we need to fuel our economy and avoid entanglements in unstable and unfriendly regions...

Option 2: Take local responsibility for clean energy

If we want our country to transition to clean, low-carbon power, everyone needs to participate, as not only a consumer but also a producer...

Option 3: Find ways to use less energy

We should aggressively reduce energy use and boost efficiency...

Click here for page with links to download the framework.