"Negotiating Climate Change: Paris 2015" - Helping People Talk about Climate Change, from the Choices Program, Brown University

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Now available from the Choices Program's (Brown University) Teaching with the News series is Negotiating Climate Change: Paris 2015, a free set of resources to help people learn and talk about climate change. The resources include videos, articles, downloadable handouts, an "Identifying Key Issues" worksheet, and supplementary information. The materials are designed for use with students but could be helpful for anyone who is interested in this public problem.

The following is excerpted from a description of Negotiating Climate Change: Paris 2015:

From November 30 to December 11, countries from around the world will meet to discuss how to deal with climate change. This year, the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) is being held in Paris. The central goal for the Conference is to make a comprehensive and legally binding international agreement on climate change.

In this lesson students will:

  • Examine the need for, and challenges associated with, creating an international agreement on climate change.
  • Assess the importance of the climate change conference (COP 21) in Paris.
  • Monitor the coverage of COP 21 and climate change in the news.
  • Analyze how the outcomes of COP 21 and responses to the conference relate to the key issues at stake.