National Issues Forums Institute Releases Its Latest Issue Guide: Social Security: How Can We Afford It?

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In its latest Issue Guide, Social Security: How Can We Afford It? National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) provides important information about the Social Security program and a framework for making choices about how to address this difficult public problem. 

Projections from 2013 show the Social Security Trust Fund could be insolvent by 2033.The program will celebrate its 80th birthday in 2015 and a new Congress will likely debate changes to the popular federal program. Public conversations on the topic can provide the public voice necessary for policy makers to make sound decisions. This issue guide presents three options, each of which has advantages as well as trade-offs:

Option One: Shore up and Reform Social Security

Option Two: End Reliance on Social Security for Retirement

Option Three: Reinvent Retirement and Social Security

Issue guides are prepared for the National Issues Forum Institute in collaboration with the Kettering Foundation, a nonpartisan research institute that studies the public’s role in democracy. NIFI annually identifies several issues of national concern and materials are developed that are meant to stimulate serious deliberation about these issues by the public. They are available online at or by calling 1-800-433-7834. Learn more and stay up to date by joining NIFI’s mailing list.