National Issues Forums Institute is Nominated for Civvys Award

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  • Civvys Award nomination

The National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) has been nominated for an American Civic Collaboration Award, or #civvys Award. Since 2017, these awards have celebrated those who step up to improve their communities and the nation and who insist on working together to do so. Please help us spread the good news.

Finalists and honorable mentions in the categories of national, local, and youth will be announced in late August.

More about the Civvys awards (from the American Civic Collaboration Awards website):

The Civvys celebrate best practices in civic collaboration that put community and nation before party, ideology and narrow interests...

We are looking for a range of projects, programs and people that use civic collaboration best practices to achieve real results in facilitating dialogue, enabling cross-partisan action, or putting civility and community above ideology. Here are some of the criteria the awards committee will consider:

Collaborative practices. To what extent does this work use civic collaboration best practices to achieve results?

Impact. Who has this work had an impact on, and in what ways?

Scalability. Is this work something that can easily be expanded to have a greater impact? Is it something that can appeal across geographic regions, or be used to effect change in other civics topics or challenges?

In addition, the Civvys celebrates programs and people that:

  • Engages a representative and diverse set of stakeholders
  • Cultivates civility and mutual respect
  • Creates meaningful shared goals for those involved, using the process of co-creation
  • Provides effective facilitation and supports dialogue throughout the process
  • Develops or utilizes metrics to measure outcomes