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The following announcement is from the National Conversation Project.

In the wake of multiple mass shootings, Americans are talking about guns. The #ListenFirst Coalition of ~250 organizations powering National Conversation Project are supporting those conversations by providing skills, resources and opportunities to listen first to understand people of different perspectives on this highly charged issue. Get equipped for this conversation on the NCP Guns & Responsibility page.   

We're encouraging Americans of all stripes to have courageous conversations across differences on the gun issue. There are several opportunities for you to join a conversation, including via online video at 11:30am ET today.

Is there someone in your life with whom you’ve been curious to explore this topic? Invite them to follow one of our featured guides with you. 

Let's step up together in this moment and help America have a real conversation about guns. Forward this email to your friends and family. If you're on social media, invite others to follow your lead by using hashtags #ListenFirst and #GunConvo.
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CEO, Listen First Project 
Be part of the #ListenFirst Movement
Positively connect with people you encounter by listening first to understand.
Have intentional conversations that welcome people of diverse perspectives.
Share ideas and stories + #ListenFirst to encourage others to join you. 
National Conversation Project seeks to mend the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. We promote annual National Weeks of Conversation, #ListenFirst Fridays, Rapid Response Conversations on urgent topics, locally-focused #ListenFirst movements, and any conversation inviting people of all stripes to revitalize America together. NCP aggregates, aligns, and amplifies the efforts of ~250 partners to mainstream conversations in which we #ListenFirst to understand. NCP is managed by Listen First Project, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 

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