From Louisiana Public Broadcasting - Watch the Program, "Symbol or Statement? History in Public Spaces"

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Kevin Gautreaux, a producer at Louisiana Public Broadcasting, shared the link to a recent program titled Symbol or Statement? History in Public Spaces that was part of the monthly Louisiana Public Square series. During the hour-long program, members of the public and a panel of experts talked candidly with each other about their perspectives and views on Confederate symbols, such as monuments and the Confederate flag, and on racism.

Gautreaux describes the program and series:

For the last twelve years, we've been producing a monthly show, Louisiana Public Square, that brings together citizens and policymakers to address issues that affect us all. We modeled the program after the daylong PBS By the People deliberative democracy event that we participated in in 2003...One of our recent popular shows, Symbol or Statement? History in Public Spaces garnered 35 comments online as well as over 700 respondents to our online survey.

For more information about the program or the series, contact Kevin Gautreaux at