From Kara Dillard - Summer Online Forums and Moderator Training

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Upcoming Common Ground for Action (CGA) forums:

Friday June 21st @ 4p ET on Climate Choices:

Saturday July 6th @ 6p ET on Coming to America:

Wednesday July 17th @ 8pm ET on Shaping Our Future:

Monday  July 29th @ 6pm ET on A Nation in Debt:

Common Ground for Action (CGA) moderator trainings and practice:

Open moderator practice sessions: Wednesday July 10th and Wednesday July 24th, both at 3pm ET: Register

Moderator training and refresher session for K-12 and College faculty: August 8 & 9th at 2pm ET: Register

Also, information on moderator opportunity for The Ohio State University's Connecting to Congress project:

Later this month, National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) board member and The Ohio State University center for public life director Michael Neblo and former Kettering Foundation program officer Amy Lee are launching Connecting to Congress, a pilot project to convene deliberative online townhalls and forums for Members of Congress. This means that they will be convening at least 5 Common Ground for Action forums, and they would absolutely welcome any moderators to help with this project. Exact dates are TBD, but they are likely to be in July and August—if you’re interested, email Kara at and Amy will get in touch once exact dates are nailed down. If you’ve been trained to moderate CGA forums but haven’t had the right opportunity to do your own forum yet—WE NEED YOU.