World at War: What Role Should the United States Play in International Conflicts? (1915)

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The date is October 20, 1915.

Almost the entire world is at war because of a tangled network of national alliances. Estimates are that nearly a million people have lost their lives in this conflict. Few predicted that the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand in Sarajevo over a year ago would lead to such global devastation.

We are thankful the Atlantic Ocean separates us from Europe. Yet, the war’s rising death toll, untoward incidents at sea, and our economic involvement force us to consider our moral, security, and financial positions. Individuals can act as they will, but can our nation afford to remain “neutral”? Around dinner tables, in places of worship and civic clubs, and among our elected leaders, the conversation continues: “What role should the United States take during a time of international war?”

Option 1: Protect Our National and Economic Security

Option 2: Remain Neutral and Work for Long-Term Peace

Option 3: Strengthen Our Democracy at Home