The World at War: What Role Should the United States Play in International Conflicts? (1915)

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The United States is a diverse and hard-working nation: a country of immigrants, endeavoring for economic and political success while still trying to define the identity of “hyphenated-Americans,” the citizenship of women and, ultimately, the nation’s role on both a global and moral scale. The date is October 20, 1915. Almost the entire world is now at war because of a network of alliances between countries. Few predicted the assassination of a lower-ranked politician, an act of nationalist revolution in Sarajevo over a year ago, would lead to such global devastation. Estimates are that nearly a million people have lost their lives to this war. As the battles rage on, what role should the United States take in this global conflict?

This 20-page issue guide presents three options to consider:

Option 1: Protect Our National and Economic Security

We should strengthen our military to protect our national and economic security if necessary.

Option 2: Be Neutral and Work for Long-Term Peace

We should remain completely neutral to influence the end of this war. 

Option 3: Strengthen our Democracy at Home

We should devote our energy and resources to addressing our own problems.