Forging a New City: How Should We Shape Modern Pittsburgh? (1946)

How Should We Shape Modern Pittsburgh?

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It’s February, 1946. World War II ended just five months ago with the Japanese surrender, but the end of the war has not brought peace to Pittsburgh.

In fact, the end of the war has created many problems for our city. The war provided jobs, but now those jobs are drying up. During the war, we put aside our differences to focus on the war effort, but now old racial and economic tensions are rising to the surface.

With deteriorating neighborhoods, growing slums, aging housing, and rampant pollution, we face an urban crisis.

With the end of World War II, we need to confront the many problems that face our city, and we must do so quickly.

This Historic Decisions issue guide presents the following three options for deliberation:

Option 1: Ensure Equal Opportunities for Everyone

Option 2: Reinvent Pittsburgh

Option 3: Promote Individual Freedom to Revitalize the City