Hofstra University Honors Michael D'Innocenzo with Seminar Room Naming

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The following information is from National Issues Forums (NIF) convener and moderator Margaret Holt about a recent tribute to Michael D'Innocenzo, Professor Emeritus of History at Hofstra University:

Over a few decades I developed a true friendship and admiration of Mike D'Innocenzo as do I imagine everyone else who came across his path. Recently a seminar room at this University was named for him. A video was made of the announcement of this seminar room, and after incredible tributes to his career from other professionals, his wife, former students, and his Village people, Mike responds at the end of the program...I was just so moved by what he has done as a teacher, civic educator, husband, father, and community member.

Watch the video (the program begins at about 25 minutes into the recording).



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Michael is a hero of mine. Congratulations on a long and prolific career in the academy.