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From Kara Dillard

Common Ground for Action (CGA) has now been “live” in some version for about 8 years now, and in that time, moderators have convened over 1,000 forums on the platform. In the last year alone, over 1500 people had a chance to experience deliberating online as part of over 350 forums. Given all the challenges of the past year, that’s an amazing feat.  
We’re now at a point where we are looking to move CGA forward. We’re looking to enhance features that are working well, re-design features that are giving you grief, and to see what we hadn’t thought of that should be a central part of the CGA online deliberative experience. 
Our CGA community of practice has been busy using a Trello board to capture and vote on recommended updates, enhancements, and priorities. The Trello board is open to all CGA moderators for comments and we’d like you to comment, vote, and add your own priorities to the list.  This is not a call just for seasoned CGA moderators. Even if you've only moderated one CGA forum and didn't go back, we'd love to hear from you.  
We also have a open google doc for you to share your comments. 
The Trello board and the google doc will stay open until Sunday  February 21. After that, we will compile comments and notes and start working with our development partner Every Voice Engaged Foundation to bring the National Issues Forums (NIF) network’s vision for an updated, upgraded CGA to life.   
Here’s to making the online deliberation experience more robust, easier, and dynamic for moderators and participants.  


My recommendation for an update CGA online experience

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It has been awhile since I participated in the online deliberative experience. My two recommendations would be:
1) Allow anyone to utilize the app — including non-CGA but otherwise trained-in-dialogue moderators. I’m thinking it would be a terrific tool for NCDD (national coalition for dialogue and deliberation) members to learn how to use for their own deliberative practices.

2) Allow after-deliberation links to follow up using any 3rd-party app... such as an external survey app ( or SurveyGizmo for example)

Thanks for asking for input. Good luck with your enhancements.

John Spady
jspady [at] mac [dot] com

Thanks John for the feedback!

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Thanks John for the feedback!  :)