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The Hidden Common Ground project began in December 2019 and will last through the 2020 elections. The project will focus on some of the issues that Americans across the political spectrum care deeply about. You can read more details about the Hidden Common Ground project here.

The public issues that the project will focus on include:

  • Health care costs (during February, March, and April, 2020)
  • Immigration (May, June, July, and August, 2020)
  • The Economy (September, October, November, 2020)

You are invited to get involved. There are a number of ways to do so:

One way is to plan to hold a forum (or more than one) in your community or for your group or organization. Be sure to post forum details in the NIF Events section of the website by logging in and clicking on "create an event" to add details so that others around the country can learn about your forum.

  • Contact your local media outlets to let them know about your forum
  • Publicize your forum through your contacts, personal invitations, networks, and social media (you can use #NIForums and #HiddenCommonGround for social media posts)
  • Take advantage of the free forum materials that are available (20 issue advisories/2 issue guides) by making your request here.
  • Check out some of the moderator resources available to help you get ready for your forum.
  • If you are affiliated with an accredited US-based college or university, you may be eligible to receive a micro-grant of $150 to support your forum work with your students. See more here.
  • Have your forum participants fill out the post-forum questionnaires and return to the Kettering Foundation so that your forum outcomes can be included in reporting
  • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor about your forum and send it to your local newspaper
  • Appreciate how important your work has been to help people talk constructively about some of the most important, and divisive, issues in our country.

Another way to get involved is to participate in one of the online forums (using the Common Ground for Action platform) that are scheduled. You can see the upcoming online forums here. Just click on the one that suits your availability and follow instructions to register to participate.

We look forward to having you join us in this important, and unprecedented project.