Webinar | New Youth and Opportunity Issue Discussion Material

Feb 17
Feb 17 2021, 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Darla Minnich

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Join us and learn how to convene an impactful forum using the new issue discussion guide - Youth and Opportunity: What Should We Do for Future Generations to Thrive? - co-produced by the National Issues Forums Institute (NIF) and Up to Us. During this event, you will learn about the framework and supporting materials to enrich deliberative forums in person and online. Examples of how to host a virtual forum will also be shared. Learn how students, faculty, and administrators from US-based colleges and universities that moderate a forum using the discussion guide can apply for a micro grant.

Betty Knighton, President, National Issues Forums Institute
Christy Stanker, Senior Program Manager, Up to Us
Brad Rourke, Program Officer, Kettering Foundation
Kara Dillard, Assistant Professor, James Madison University; Operations Manager, Common Ground
for Action (CGA), National Issues Forums Institute
Patty Dineen, Contributing Editor, National Issues Forums Institute website

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