Teaching Deliberatively: Writing and Civic Literacy

Jul 13
Jul 13 to 17 2015, 9:00am - 4:15pm

@Iowa State Education Assn. HQ
Des Moines, IA 50309

Gerald Ott
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This one-week workshop (July 13-17) builds on the National Issues Forums Institute approach to public deliberation, adapted to classroom and school-community uses through Iowa Writing Project's unique professional learning approaches. Participants learn how to convene, moderate, record and report on public issue deliberative forums, how to frame local issues for deliberation, and how to bring issue exploration and deliberation into school curriculum and community life. The pedagogy increases potential for greater civility in classrooms, schools, communities and society.

The Iowa Writing Project at UNI accredits the Iowa Partners’ summer workshop and UNI associate professor Dr. James Davis is the principal instructor. The Iowa State Education Association provides support and coordination. ISEA is the fiscal agent for Partners in Learning. The David and Elaine Wilkinson Family Fund for Democracy and Education supports the workshop.

A special private grant supports the institute and underwrites tuition for two hours of UNI graduate credit for 25 participants (preference to teams). As an alternative to UNI credit, participants may enroll for license renewal credit. As of June 4 2015 there are vacancies for tuition waiver. Lunches are provided for participants.

Out of town participants will be provided suggestions for hotel accommodations within walking distance of the workshop facility.

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Workshop Objectives

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Many believe public schools should teach students to weigh the costs and consequences of a range of “perspectives” (actions) that might be chosen – maybe in instances of local provocation or over tough current national issues or in history or literature. Teachers and administrators can “lead” by demonstrating a preference for dialogue. Kids can learn to engage in substantive “talk” (writing, research, discussion, speech, group, debate, projects) when schools include dialogue and deliberation in classroom teaching. This workshop will help teachers teach "deliberatively."