Economic Vitality Deliberative Community Forum

Jan 04
Jan 04 2017, 2:30pm - 4:30pm EST

Sumter County Library (downtown), 111 N. Harvin Street
Sumter, SC 29150

Barbara A Brown
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Please attend a deliberative conversation on Economic Vitality. Share your opinions on what will grow our economy, and listen to others' opinions - some of them may be contrary to yours. Let's begin the process of working together for a prosperous New Year - working across barriers that sometimes keep us apart and limits our vitality. See you and hear you at the CONVERSATION!

This conversation is hosted by the Citizens Center for Public Life (CCPL), headquartered in Sumter, South Carolina. CCPL is a new SC non-profit dedicated to promoting deliberative dialogue community conversations and supporting the diverse participants involved to move to action on decisions they make.

The conversation will be moderated by Linda Hoke, Director of the Consortium of University Public Service Organizations, And, the materials were developed by the following organizations: Southern Governors Association, Southern Economic Development Council, Consortium of University Public Service Organizations, & the Danville Regional Foundation.

A final report will be developed on the outcome of the discussion on three options:

1. Make Our Community Attractive to Good and Stable Employers
2. Prepare Workers and Communities to be More Self-reliant
3. Provide Everyone in our Community with Opportunities for Success



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