Coming to America. Who Should We Welcome, What Should We Do? An Aiken, SC, Continuing Conversations Collaborative Deliberative Dialogue Forum

Mar 28
Mar 28 2018, 6:30pm - 8:30pm EDT

Barbara A Brown
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This forum gives us an opportunity to talk together about our Country's choices on immigration. The forum allows us to listen to each other and look for the best solutions. We often hear it is time to get Americans talking to each other again. This forum is an opportunity for Aiken residents to come together and talk about this important local, regional an national issue.

Deliberative dialogues are a means to simply weigh options for action against things held commonly valuable. Participants listen respectfully to each other, sort out their views in terms of what they most value, consider courses of action along with their disadvantages and seek to identify actionable areas of common ground. You can find out more about the deliberative dialogue process on the National Issues Forums Institute website: And, you can find out more about Aiken, SC deliberative dialogue opportunities by emailing the Aiken Continuing Conversations Collaborative at: .

If you would like to hold deliberative dialogue National Issues Forums in other locations in SC, please contact the Citizens Center for Public Life at: 803-968-0388 or on our website at: for help, or check out the NIFI website at:

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