Coming to America: How Does Santa Fe’s Treatment of Immigrants Compare with that of Other Communities?

Mar 22
Mar 22 2018, 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Santa Fe Community Foundation
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Paul Biderman
Call Organizer

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The debate over immigration has exposed and deepened rifts within our nation. How welcoming should Americans be toward people who want to live here? How much should the federal government favor those who have come with authorization? Has the pace of immigration grown too fast, or could it still be increased? What can be done to accommodate Dreamers? And how do the experiences of Santa Fe in integrating immigrants compare with those of other communities?

You are invited to participate in a deliberative forum on these issues at the Santa Fe Community Foundation on March 22. No lectures, no experts—we just want to hear your experience and your attitudes and ideas, shared with those of up to 25 other Santa Feans. The conversation, one of many taking place across the country, will be based upon a short issue guide, Coming to America, prepared by the National Issues Forum Institute. The issue guide is available online for you to read in advance, and copies to refer to will be distributed at the forum. In May, the national deliberative democracy organization Public Voice will report on the findings of all these forums in Washington, D.C., to representatives of the legislative and executive branches of federal government.

We invite you to include your voice in that national report through this forum. To register, contact Annmarie McLaughlin at the Santa Fe Community Foundation, If registration exceeds 25 participants, selections will have to be made to ensure a cross-section of our community.

Thank you-- Paul Biderman and Rita Martinez-Purson, facilitators

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