Climate Change and Household Energy Efficiency Forum

Mar 04
Mar 04 2017, 10:00am - 12:00pm EST

Studio Room in Columbia Public Library - Daniel Boone Regional Library
Columbia, MO 65203

Christine Li
Call Organizer
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Climate Choices

Climate change is a complex issue. Many people concerned that if we continue our current rate of adding carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere, the warming of the planet could send us into uncharted territory. Climate disruptions have some people worried about their health, their children, their homes, their livelihoods, and their communities. They wonder about the future of the natural areas they enjoy and the wild animals and plants that live there.

How should we meet the challenges of a warming planet? Come and have a conversation about climate change and the choices. How do you think about the pros and cons for three options: 1) sharply reduce carbon emission; 2) prepare and protect our communities; and 3) accelerate innovation.

Participants will have the opportunity to participate and share their thoughts in this 2-hour forum. You will also hear from Columbia Water & Light about household energy efficiency programs and tips to make your household more comfortable and energy efficient. Light refreshments will be provided.

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