Broward school district may sue state over education bill

Jun 29
Jun 29 2017, 10:45pm EDT

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TNA NO Surrender 2017 6/29/17 the Broward school board is considering whether to fight a new education law it says favors charter schools and hampers its ability to pay for things it’s obligated to cover.

At issue: whether to sue the Florida Department of Education over the law’s requirement that districts share property tax revenue with charter schools and welcome charters into neighborhoods with struggling traditional schools. A decision is expected next week.

“We believe that it’s a Watch TNA NO Surrender 2017 unlawful public financing of private enterprise,” said Barbara Myrick, Broward’s legal counsel.

The new law funds “non-district” projects by funding charter school activity the district may not necessarily approve of. Existing state law prohibits funding of “unbudgeted and non-district” projects, Myrick said.
The new law, by requiring district schools to share property tax revenue, violates existing law that does not grant permission for charter schools to collect such tax.
Existing law calls for bills in the legislature to contain one subject. Myrick said the 278-page legislation tackles more than one subject.
Districts are supposed to have the power to approve charter schools to open, but the new law would require them to accept applicants under a “Schools of Hope” program. Under the program, charter operators can tap into a $140 million fund to open in areas where elementary and middle schools have been rated D or F for at least three years in a row.

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