"The Ethics of Dialogue and Debate" - Introducing a New Section in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics

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The October/November 2019 issue of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics introduces a new section focusing on the theme of The Ethics of Dialogue and Debate. In an introduction to the issue, editor Jennifer Hockenbery Dragseth wrote:

In an age of conflict and division between political parties and within political parties, between churches and within churches, American Christians often mourn disagreement, regret the diversity of opinion, and sigh for unity. This issue looks into the reality of disagreement in our nation and in our churches without rebuke. Disagreement, even radical and even uncivil disagreement, is a part of human social life, including church life. Thus, this issue is dedicated to answering the following question both theologically and practically: How do we have dialogue and debate on social and political issues with our neighbors?

Articles in the October/November, 2019 issue include A Different Way of Talking by National Issues Forums moderator/convener R. Gregg Kaufman, and Preaching Across the Political Red-Blue Divide: Using the Sermon-Dialogue-Sermon Method in the Purple Zone by Leah D. Schade, author of the book Preaching in the Purple Zone: Ministry in the Red-Blue Divide.

Kaufman's article introduction includes the following:

How do Christians bring the Gospel into a world divided? What resources exist for congregations to talk together about tough social issues? Kaufman outlines the process of deliberative dialogue and how it can be used to help people find common ground and to move them from dialogue toward action.

Schade's article introduction reads:

What theological underpinnings do we have to help pastors to think about preaching on social issues? And how can they do so effectively? Drawn from a nationwide survey and multiple case studies, Schade takes readers through her sermon-dialogue-sermon model to demonstrate an effective way for constructive conversations to occur.