Erin Oeth

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Erin Oeth is a community practitioner and consultant equipping communities with the tools they need to navigate conflict, address important issues, and bridge divides with others through democratic processes and skill building. Erin lives in Greenville, SC. She facilitates skill workshops and guides communities through naming & framing issues, concern gathering, and deliberative facilitation to get communities unstuck and moving forward together. She holds a B.A. degree in Religion/ Philosophy from Presbyterian College and a M.Ed. degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs from the University of South Carolina.

Her extensive background in dialogue and deliberation began at Baylor University, where she co- founded the Baylor Public Deliberation Initiative (PDI). Since then, she has built her deliberative skillset alongside a career in university administration and civic engagement. She is now regularly sought out by other campuses for her expertise in building capacity for deliberative work and has worked with several universities including the University of Nevada-Reno, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Oklahoma State University to build deliberative programs.

In addition, she has served on national teams framing public issues, including NIFI guide Land of Plenty, and faith-based issue guides End of Life and The Role of the Church in a Divided Society. She served as the lead writer for a NASPA project team charged with developing a series of issue guides on Free Speech & the Inclusive Campus, The Future of Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Addressing Systemic Racism as resources for college campuses engaging in public deliberation. She currently serves as co-chair of the Palmetto Alliance of Braver Angels and is also a trained moderator for Living Room Conversations and Intergroup Dialogue.