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Defusing the Population Explosion.

The problems facing Pakistan while seemingly complex and enormous are actually simpler then they seem. What we have been looking at are the symptoms, what we need to focus on are the root causes and work on them so as to bring in the change required to set the correction momentum rolling. This by no means is a quick solutions, but the only one to correct the disarray we find ourselves in.

Most of the issues that we face in our daily lives originate from lack of resources to handle the unbridled demand for basic amenities coming from a growing population. The issue for Pakistan is even more profound given its young population. The reasons are many but mainly revolve around lack of education, high mortality rate, and source of earning for the parents. For a family already on a shoelace budget most of the new entrants are an additional burden and quickly find themselves on the streets, vulnerable to the social evils and at the mercy of those who promise a mere existence. The government with a weak tax basis, corruption of what is available and no priority on this vital issue is in no position to handle this. Therefore we see
sparling unplanned urban jungles with no implemental rules except one ‘mighty is right’.

What is needed is to create awareness on the benefits of having a smaller population. Countries comparable to ours in terms of land have half or even lesser populations. It is also not surprising to see these nations going places as they can provide their people accessible health, nutritional food, affordable housing and meaningful education. Human live stands for something, with a future and ability to contribute to the society. It is also not surprising that in these countries nature is preserved for future generations not abused. Economic growths can support growing population but up to a certain limit, after which unemployment and other social evils that come with it, creep up.

A smaller well educated and well-cared for population will help to carve a better and promising Pakistan. This again resolves around education, which will create the awareness for the people to stand up for their rights and vote for likeminded people who will come to power and make devolution of power to the grass root their priority. Religious groups should be supportive of the process as the aim is to uplift the standard of living of the common people.