Day of Deliberation, April 10, 2019, Join an Online Forum about "A House Divided"

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Forums on one of the new National Issues Forums (NIF) issue guide A House Divided: How Do We Get The Political System We Want?, both in-person and online, are rapidly being scheduled to kick off the 2019 A Public Voice forum series. A popular event from last year is returning on Wednesday April 10th: Deliberation Day will include four, back-to-back Common Ground for Action online forums.

You can help by sharing these registration links with your networks and encouraging others to register and participate. 

Wednesday April 10, 2019

Deliberation Day Forum #1: 10:00am ET registration

Deliberation Day Forum #2: 12:30p ET registration

Deliberation Day Forum #3 4:00pm ET registration

Deliberation Day Forum #4 9:00pm ET registration

For more information contact Kara Dillard, PhD
Common Ground for Action & National Issues Forums Institute