From Creating Community Solutions - Try "Text, Talk, Act" for Families

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The following announcement, from Creating Community Solutions, describes a text-message-based discussion platform focused on strengthening families through helping them talk together.
We are happy to announce that Text, Talk, Act for Families is now available through December 2016! In partnership with SAMHSA, families (those we are born with and those we choose) can now come together in a  Text, Talk, Act conversation about how to strengthen their family's emotional well-being through hope and help! Your family can join this conversation! When ready, text FAMILY to 89800. Your family will receive a series of text messages that guides you through a conversation on how you can support each other and strengthen each other's emotional well-being. 

Text, Talk, Act for Families is available now through end of December 2016. Enjoy this conversation with your family and friends during the holiday season!