You can do anything on the internet. Except have a productive conversation about tough issues.

But we're working on that.

Common Ground for Action forums are the online version of traditional in-person National Issues Forums. Common Ground for Action is a simple but sophisticated platform that runs in any browser—no technical mumbo jumbo!

In CGA, small groups are able to learn more about the tensions in an issue, examine options for dealing with the problem, weigh tradeoffs, and find common ground just like in in-person National Issues Forums, but with beautiful visuals that let you actually see the shape of your conversation as it evolves.

You can moderate a Common Ground for Action forum using any of the following issue guides:

  • Bullying: How Do We Prevent It?
  • The Changing World of Work: What Should We Ask of Higher Education?
  • The Future of Work: How Should We Prepare for the New Economy?
  • Health Care: How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?
  • How Can We Stop Mass Shootings in Our Communities? (Issue Advisory)
  • Immigration in America: How Do We Fix A System in Crisis?
  • Making Ends Meet: How Should We Spread Prosperity And Improve Opportunity?
  • Medicare & Medicaid: How Can We Afford Them?
  • Mental Illness in America: How Do We Address A Growing Problem?
  • Political Fix: How Do We Get American Politics Back On Track?
  • Social Security: How Can We Afford It?

See how it works!

I was invited to a Common Ground for Action forum—how do I get there?

The invitation email from your forum convener or moderator contains both a unique URL you can click and go directly to your forum, as well as a 9 digit numerical code that is your Forum ID. You can either enter that URL right in the URL bar, or click the button below and then enter your 9 digit Forum ID.

I need someone to moderate my CGA forum. How can I contact a CGA moderator?

Can I join a forum right now?

Anyone can participate in a CGA forum, but CGA forums are initiated by moderators, so you have to either be invited by a moderator or join a forum that has been set up to be as an “Open CGA forum.” Any “Open CGA forum” listed in the Forum Calendar can be joined by anyone who clicks the URL in the event listing. Editing notifications preferences requires a user account.